Alaska’s Southwest Has Numerous Attractions

´╗┐Alaska’s Southwest Has Numerous Attractions

Alaska is the biggest state out of all fifty in the USA and consists of five regions: the Southwest, South Central, the Inside Passage, the Interior and the far North. The Southwest part of the state has a terrain that ranges from volcanoes to the Katmai National Park.

The park was created in 1912 after an eruption of the Novarupta volcano. The terrain also features the Aleutian Islands that actually stretch around 1,000 miles clear to Asia. The main town in this region is Kodiak, and it houses the state’s biggest fishing fleet. The original people of Kodiak were called the Alutiiq people. Over 7,000 years ago they came to this place and still today they have descendants that live in the town where there is a museum and Repository that provides information on their culture and heritage.

The Alaska Peninsula extends approximately 550 miles towards and into the Pacific Ocean. In the western part of the peninsula, there is the Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. which offers miles of seacoast, glaciers, mountains and bodies of water that are filled with rainbow trout. Hence, this part of the region is literally filled with fishing lodges. A person can get scheduled air service from Anchorage, the capital, and fly out to place like King Salmon, or Naknek, which hosts two of the finest fishing lodges in Alaska.

Bristol Bay is another place in which has adventurous landscapes to travel through. It is notably the largest source in the world of Red Salmon. Lots of visitors come to this part of the region to fish in the summer, ski in the winter time, and host cultural events year round. There is also a great deal of wildlife to be found and admired.

The economic hub of Bristol Bay is Dillingham which is mostly noted for being the gateway to the popular Togiak National Wildlife Refuge and Walrus Island State Game Sanctuary.

The Aleutians Islands’ East Borough is said to be one of the world’s most beautiful regions with active volcanoes, miles of coastline and untamed landscape being just some of the features. The Aleut people have lived in these parts since the Second Ice Age. Right past the top of the Alaska Peninsula, the islands start their 1,000-mile stretch towards Asia. These islands are also home to numerous wildlife refuges. Tourists can reach the Unalaska or Port of Dutch Harbor by a scheduled flight from Anchorage and there is also the popular method of taking the ferry ride from Kodiak Island. It is said that Dutch Harbor lead the nation for quantities and values of fish caught.

Other attractions include the early examples of Russian churches and many World War II military sites which host a network of dug in bunkers and pillboxes that were built to train soldiers back in that era. Another claim to fame is that this part of the islands was once the site of a nineteen day battle between Japanese and American soldiers back in 1943.

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