Aruba People

Aruba People

The Aruba people are as vibrant as the island. With warm hospitality and smiling friendly faces everywhere, the population of Aruba is a mixed descent that traces back to its ancestry of forty different ethnic backgrounds from around the world. Most of the population of Aruba is racially mixed including a substantial proportion of American Indians combined with African, Spanish, and Dutch twists.

Every guest will find that Aruba is a very stable, safe, and friendly Dutch island where its government has supplied the island with all the modern facilities that visitors are accustomed to from where they come from. The Aruba people are well educated, speak several languages, and are generally considered “happy people”. Nearly all of Aruba people take pleasure in a high standard of living and almost all who want to work are employed.

Aruba is endorsed to the public as an upscale island so guests should not wonder why they won’t find camp sites, beggars, or annoying street vendors here. Aruba people including police officers are normally cheery so every guest feels and knows that everything is fine in Aruba.

Tourism is the major economy of the island and the government of Aruba has made the world conscious of the island’s friendly and safe image through many of the government-owned tourist boards in the US, Europe, Canada, and South-central America.

Truly, this wonderful island has enclosed its picture not only with amazing natural beauty but fantastic Aruba people as well. So if ever you’re in the island of Aruba, don’t hesitate to give a full flow smile to its locals and for sure you’ll get one back. Visitors may also want to learn a few of the best words of the islands dialect “Papiamento”, to add to that beautiful beam.

Although nearly everyone in the island speaks English and Spanish, and Dutch which is the official language of Aruba, try saying a few nice words in Papiamento to experience real Aruba, “Bon Bini” or welcome, “Bon Dia” or good morning, “Con ta bai” or how are you?, “Danki” or thank you, “Hopi bon” or very good, “Mi ta bon” or I am fine, “Mi” or I /I am, “Pasa un bon dia” or have a good day, “Te aworo” or see you later, “Cuminda” or food, “Pan” or bread, “Refresco” or soda, and “Mi stima Aruba” or I love Aruba.

What would be a better way to spend your vacation in Aruba than to join in the happy nature of the Aruba people. So from the moment you step foot on the island of Aruba, make sure you not only bring your luggage with you but that brilliant smile and Papiamento words as well.
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