Aruba Tourism – Taking the World by Storm

Aruba Tourism – Taking the World by Storm

Aruba tourism has catapulted the island of Aruba in its present enviable status of being among the top Caribbean tourist destinations, outdistancing its other Caribbean neighbors. Having put Aruba on the world map as a premier vacation site, Aruba tourism has been relied upon by the island as its major industry, dislodging the oil refining business which has been the island’s main business.

Rows of world-class hotels and casinos along the shores of Aruba, posh beach resorts and a selection of classy and casual restaurants for the ultimate dining experience – all these and more are tell-tale signs of a flourishing Aruba tourism. The scenic island of Aruba has indeed come a long way. It has shown the world that it is deserving of the independence it has gained in 1986, after a long period of being under the occupation of the Spanish, British and Dutch regime, paving the way for its emergence as a tourism leader in the Dutch Caribbean.

The success of Aruba tourism can be traced to its continuous efforts to assure its visitors of the chance to experience and enjoy the best of Aruba with its richness in history and diversity of culture. The goal is not just to showcase its beaches which are already renowned worldwide but to highlight the many facets of the island which make up the unique charm of Aruba. Consistent with this thrust, Aruba tourism makes sure that the visitors be acquainted with Aruba through programs or vacation packages which include not just a visit to its beaches but a tour around the island to visit natural wonders and famous places such as the Arikok Natural Park, Natural Pool, the Natural Bridge which collapsed in 2005, the Gold Mill Ruins, the California Lighthouse, to name a few. Safari rides through its rugged terrain with sand dunes and a variety of tropical flora and fauna in sight will reveal the secret of Aruba’s wild, desert-like beauty. A lesser – known but equally attractive side of the island.

In Aruba tourism, there is a conscious effort to create an awareness of the beautiful, mysterious caves in the islands. The more popular ones are the Fontein cave, which arrests the attention with the Indian drawings on its ceiling, and the Quadirikiri cave, famous for its two chambers where sunlight filters in, bathing the cave in a soft, beautiful glow. A visit at Oranjestad will have shoppers raving at the sight of local arts and artifacts in abundance, truly a shopper’s haven. It is also the venue for summer festivals and parades designed to dramatize the various cultures and influences of different countries in Aruba, giving one a real sense of its history.

Words will never truly describe the magic that is Aruba. One has to feel it, sense , taste and experience it before he can begin to comprehend its mystery. And Aruba tourism is only happy to comply and give you the best of Aruba.
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