Curacao at a Glance

Curacao at a Glance

What is Curacao? Most people would ask that question but to the people who’ve been there, Curacao is the place to be. Curacao is a country located south of the Caribbean Sea off the shore of Venezuela. Pronounced as Kura’são. Curacao was derived from the Spanish word “Corazon” which means “Heart” was adopted by the Portuguese, hence, the name Curacao. The official language is Dutch. Papiamentu or Papiamento (the local language that was derived from the Portuguese, Spanish, and African dialects by the slaves) English and Spanish are widely spoken.

Curacao’s first inhabitants were the Arawak Amerindians and were later decimated by the Spanish expedition of Alonso de Ojeda in 1499. Rediscovered by the Dutch in 1634 but was ignored by colonist due to lack of resources such as gold which was what most colonists seek. Curacao then proved its worth in commerce and shipping trade.

Curacao is famous for its beaches and diving spots. Over 35 beaches with a wide variety, some surrounded by cliffs and rocks others by flora and fauna, they all have the same clear turquoise waters. Because the unusual feature that is locally known as the “blue edge”, Curacao’s sea floor drops off just a few hundred meters from the shore where one can go diving without a boat. Curacao has a lot of astounding architectures and landmarks because of its rich history. The city of Willemstad has many attractions one of the most frequented is the Fort Amsterdam.

Curacao is also famous for its fine liqueur which is made of locally grown oranges. Curacao’s local cuisine is very delicious and unique. This is because it is a mix of different cultures; the taste varies as its residents. The best tasted are the nasi goring, bami, and kabritu. Music is important to Curacao. Curacao has some sort of music carnival where local bands meet each year.

There are many great festivities held year round, ranging from culture to music to food. The most widely known are the “Tumba Festival”, “Children’s Carnival” and the most popular, the “Curacao Carnival”. Curacao Carnival starts at January and ends in late February or early March.

Curacao is a very interesting place. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by its beauty? Curacao is like a “Paradise Island”. That’s why many people go to Curacao for a vacation. So the next time you are planning for a vacation. Curacao is the best place to be.
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