Curacao Island

Curacao Island

Looking for a European atmosphere in the tropics? How could that be possible? Well, wonder no more. The island of Curacao is the place you’re looking for. Located in the southwest part of the Caribbean, the Curacao Island is the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles. Just 35 miles north of Venezuela and 42 miles east of Aruba, Curacao Island is 38 miles long and 7.5 miles across. With only two and a half hours from Miami by air, the Curacao Island is just outside the hurricane belt; an ideal place for a holiday destination that you could be sure of a good weather all year round.

Situated within the tropics, 12º north of the Equator, the Curacao island has a warm and very sunny climate all year round. With and average temperature of mid80ºF, trade winds regularly flow from the east, and it picks up speed during spring. The rainy season (October to February), is marked by occasional and short showers (occasionally during nighttime with a warm and sunny weather during the day). The total annual rainfall is only 22 inches.

The local population is over 130,000 and is made up of 55 nationalities. Curacao island’s capital city is Willemstad. It is the only city in Netherlands Antilles. Curacao island is one of the five islands that made up of the Netherlands Antilles (the other islands are Bonaire, Saint Martin, Saint Eustatius and Saba). Their official language is Dutch. Most of the population speaks English, Spanish and Papiamento (a combination Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese language). Willemstad, Curacao island’s capital is home of the island’s rich culture and history. The capital city has much to offer, from shopping to sightseeing to dining and most especially the festivities. While Willemstad is said to be the island’s cultural center, there are other region of the island that is worth visiting.

Curacao island may be the largest of the Netherlands Antilles, it is still small enough for travelers to venture parts of the islands all through their vacation. Curacao Island has a unique blend of the “Old World” and the “New World”. Its colorful chain of pastel colored buildings has the same ambience in the city of Amsterdam. Legend has it that the first governor of Curacao has an allergy towards the color of white that’s why all the buildings and structures are painted in color. The city of Willemstad is the most photographed cityscapes throughout the Caribbean.

Tourist of Curacao Island has lots and lots of choices if they plan on staying there. If guarantees an unforgettable experience.

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