Facts About Indonesia

Facts About Indonesia

A republic located in the south east coast of Asia, one of the facts about Indonesia is that there are 17, 508 islands which gave Indonesia the title as the world’s biggest archipelagic state. With more than two million inhabitants that come from varied ethnicities, you can just imagine how rich their culture and tradition is. When you trace back history, you will discover roots that originate from the Malays, Chinese, Hindus, Dutch and Muslims.

In 2005, the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country was US7 billion with a per capita GDP of US, 458. This is among the recent facts about Indonesia that heralded the nation to rank 110th in a global scale. In a continent where majority of the neighboring regions are regarded as “third” in class, it is such a huge fiscal achievement. The accomplishment will all the more give reasons for foreign investors to put up a business and provide livelihood to the many households with plenty of mouths to feed.

With 22.3% of exports in 2005, Japan has been the chief market of the republic trailed by the United States with 13.9%. With 9.1%, China appears next followed by Singapore with 8.9%. One of the facts about Indonesia presents Japan still topping the list but now as the major supplier of imported products to the archipelagic state. China and Singapore are also in the record with 16.1% and 12.8%, respectively. In the same year, the country had a trade surplus with revenues of US.64 billion.

One of the facts about Indonesia render that 6, 000 islands have already been transformed as dwelling places of the natives, five of which are regarded as “chief” namely Sulawesi, Kalimantan, New Guinea, Java and Sumatra.

Sulawesi has an area of 174, 600 square kilometers which is encircled by the Philippines in the north, Timor in the south, Borneo in the west and Maluku in the east.

Kalimantan has been occupying not only the southern district of the nation but also the central portion. To the north are the Malaysian territories of Sabah and Sarawak.

New Guinea is in close proximity to Australia where both are separated by the Torres Strait. Half of its western borough is Irian Jaya.

Java has been home to the republic’s capital city of Jakarta which was formerly the base of Hindu kingdoms. Once the very heart of the Dutch East Indies, it is currently playing a huge role in the archipelagic state.

Sumatra has an area of 470, 000 square kilometers which is the longest axis in the country. North is Malay Peninsula where both are divided by the Malacca Strait. Crossing the Strait of Karimata is Borneo on the east.

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