Indonesian Religion

Indonesian Religion

As you browse through books of old chronicles of Indonesia, you will discover that religion was instrumental in their economy, culture and politics.

Christianity has been introduced by the Dutch who colonized the republic for the longest time in their history. Aside from them, the Portuguese also had a great influence specifically in the region of East Timor. Apart from those mentioned, it has been said that there were no other reasons for the spread of the Indonesian religion being practiced. Others also stated that since the foreign conquerors did not display good treatment, their behavior was the very reason for the natives not to follow the faith initiated.

When Suharto was seconded as the highest official in the land in 1965, all of the citizens were compelled to have their own Indonesian religion. In the absence of which, they were labeled as a communist and if they were discovered to be one, they were bound to die. Out of the fear, the Chinese who settled in the country were readily baptized as Christians. The move only worsened the feud between them and the natives. However, the conflict did not stop the locals in Flores to exercise Christianity.

Buddhism in the archipelago only has few followers at present. With origins from China, this Indonesian religion has been brought to this south east Asian nation many centuries ago. Before Islam was widely carried out by the citizens, the faith found a niche and was strongly established. As a matter of fact, Buddhism reigned on the courts of Java and Sumatra in the past. It is said that a proof to the fame of the belief is the complex Temple of Borobudur, constructed out of stone.

Hinduism can be dominantly witnessed in the district of Bali identified as the “Island of Gods.” However, when you compare it to India, it is not that closely near as you expect to see. This Indonesian religion practiced in this province is considered as an everyday lifestyle of the citizens. You can always catch sight of plenty of locals praying in the churches or meditating in the mosques. They take Hinduism very seriously that for them, should be carried wherever they go.

Islam is thought to have arrived in the state around the twelfth century that reached the south extending to the east, until the whole territory was covered. A lot of people believed that this Indonesian religion came from a Muslim trader who did business along the sandy shores of the country. By the fourteenth century, Islam speedily flourished when it touched the courts of Java and soon after, the entire province was practicing the faith.

At this juncture, citizens who are deeply rooted in the teachings of Islam can be found in Aceh situated in the northern point of Sumatra. It is said that even in the past, the locals residing in the area have always been brave warriors who gave much resistance against the Dutch in the period of their invasion. The region actually fought for their autonomy and currently, is provided with a special status by the government.

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