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Island of Curacao

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Island of Curacao

Curacao, one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. A tropical paradise. Located at the southern part of the Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela, the island of Curacao is the largest island in the Netherland Antillies. The island of Curacao is also part of the “Dutch Leeward Island” also known as the “Dutch Caribbean”. The island of Curacao is oval shaped and is approximately 171 square miles with an arid and savanna like climate. It has an estimated population of 133,644 inhabitants.
The island’s first inhabitants were the Caiquetios, an Arawa Indian group who first set foot on the island in 600 A.D. The island of Curacao was later discovered by Alonso de Ojeda of Spain in 1499. It was later reclaimed by the Dutch in 1642.
The capital city which is Willemstad is one of the largest ports in the world and played an important role in the trading enclaves of America. The island’s capital was declared a “World Heritage Site” by the UNESCO in 1997 because of its colorful architecture.
Though it is located within the hurricane belt, the island of Curacao seldom experience rain (rainfall does not exceed 21”.). The island of Curacao is flat; its highest elevation is only 1,239 feet (Mount Cristoffel). Visitors of the island could get a glimpse of the local flora and fauna on the Cristoffel National Park which is located north of the island.
Jagged with natural bays and coves, Curacao has plenty of undeveloped beaches. Its northern coastline is jagged with rocks and cliffs which is quite opposite of the southern coastline which is filled with beaches. While the northern coast has very strong current and doesn’t have beaches the southern coast has crystal clear and unbelievable calm water.
Shore diving is very popular in the island because of its unique coastline. The island of Curacao’s seafloor drops very steeply just within a few hundred feet from the shore. The island of Curacao has no rivers. With the lack of river and the very little rain it has, the visibility of the island of Curacao’s waters is very excellent. With more than 37 beaches visitors have a wide array of beaches to choose from.
Even though the island’s climate is arid, there are lots of resorts and facilities there. Hotels are located near the beaches. The island has lots of secluded beaches where one can enjoy swimming and sunbathing.
The island of Curacao is a tropical paradise. No wonder many tourist visit the island regularly.
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