Recipe: Spotted Pup

Recipe: Spotted Pup

Spotted Pup (Cowboy Pudding)
The cowboys called it ?Spotted Pup? ?cuz it matched their pup?s complexions.

This is an authentic trail drive recipe as it requires no eggs. Chuck wagon cooks seldom saw eggs. Most chuck wagons carried no sugar and Sorghum syrup (one cup) was used instead of sugar. If Sorghum is used use one cup less of the milk. Milk also was a rarity on chuck wagons ? so this recipe was usually made with canned milk. This is a great recipe for packing in if using canned milk-all ingredients will fit into the Dutch oven while packing it in. Sometimes dried apples and raisins are used together and rum or whiskey could be added. This makes a good pudding with any dried fruit. If any alcohol is added, add it after recipe has already thickened.

2 cups granulated sugar
2 cups white rice
3 quarts milk or canned milk equivalent
1 pound raisins or other dried fruit
1 tablespoon nutmeg

Put your Dutch oven on the table and throw in two cups of rice Then throw in 2 cups of sugar and mix it up real nice. Next comes the milk – if you have some, put 3 quarts in your pot or get Carnation ?Cow in a Can.? On the trail milk can?t be bought. Hang your pot over the fire to simmer nice and slow. Your milk will tend to boil over if you hang your pot too low. Give your puddin? some time to work, an hour to get thick. For flavor stir in the nutmeg, agitate well and the bottom won?t stick. Slowly add the raisins, stirring them in as you proceed This will help your ?Spotted Pup? thicken, right now that?s what it needs. Hang it higher over the fire and the rice will continue to swell. Stand your spoon up in the mess, ?cuz that?s how you can tell If your ?Spotted Pup? is thick enough or if it still needs heat. Just keep stirrin? occasionally and soon it?ll be ready to eat.

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