Recipe: stuffed chicken

Recipe: stuffed chicken

Stuffed Chicken
Serves 6.

6 large skinless, boneless chicken breasts
6 (3-inch square) slices mozzarella cheese
12 strips bacon
6 to 8 fresh mushrooms
Parsley flakes
Black pepper

Preheat Dutch oven and lid over fire. Line bottom and sides of pie pan with foil to minimize cleanup. Lightly coat foil with cooking oil.

Wash mushrooms, remove stems and slice. Wrap some mushrooms, sprinkle of parsley and dash of pepper in each cheese slice rolled into tube.

Wash and salt chicken breasts. Wrap each cheese tube with chicken breast (lengthwise) and then wrap with two slices of bacon to hold edges together. Use woodenpicks to hold bacon, chicken and cheese together.

Arrange chicken seam side up in pie pan, place pan in Dutch oven on three small rocks to hold pan off bottom of oven, cover and bake about 45 minutes with medium high heat (more on top, less on bottom of oven) until chicken is done (meat is flaky and not pink).

Option: use Italian seasoning for a different flavor, or top with grated cheese when served.

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