St. Maarten Information (2)

St. Maarten Information

Summary: All you need to know about St. Maarten

Emerged from a century long depression in 1939, Sint Maarten naturally would have a relatively unknown status up until 1960’s when it became a considering factor of tourists destination. Enter 2006, St. Maarten’ tourism is still blooming but St. Maarten Information is still on status quo.

Perhaps the demographic nature of Saint Martin just confuses everybody. And who is to blame for not knowing Saint Martin, Saint-Martin, and Sint Maarten aren’t the same.

St. Maarten Information: Demographic

Saint Martin is the name of the whole island which sits approximately 240 km or 150 miles to the east of Puerto Rico. It measures 98 km2 or 38 mile2 and Saint Martin is divided roughly into two sections: the Dutch part and the French part. The Dutch part is called Sint Maarten and the French part is called as Saint-Martin. Collectively, both parts are called Saint Martins, or Saint Martin (without the dash or the‘s’), St-Martin/ St. Maarten, or SXM. SXM is the IATA identifier for the only international airport of the island that sits on the Dutch side St. Maarten. It was March 23, 1648 when France and the Netherlands agreed to divide the island into two.

Sint Maarten is part of the Netherlands Antilles so that would make St. Maarten an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands but not of the European Union. Other member island of the Netherlands Antilles includes four other islands of Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, and St. Eustatius.

Sint Maarten has land area coverage of 34 km2 or 13.1 mile2 and has a population of 30,594 as listed by the St. Maarten Census of 2001 but with estimates that would reach 33,119 by 2004.

St. Maarten Information: Culture

Most St. Maarten information is derived from its beaches and nightlife. And it is an influential factor; in fact most reconstruction efforts are angled towards beautifying the place and making it a more considering tourist travel trap. Casinos and hotels are erected by a dozen, beaches, discos, clubs, casinos and touring agencies sprang up to enter the tourism trade. To that effect, Sint Maarten is now more preferred by tourists and vacationers and even those “dropper outs” or life escapist, as one would say. To that effect, St. Maarten boasts of wild and dusk till down partying, fun in beaches and a sprinkle of casinos here and there, while also catering to a placid whims of solitude retreats and retirements prospects.

The learning expectancy of St. Maarten population have also increased the past years with the erection of noteworthy universities such as the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (abbrev: AUC) and the University of St. Maarten (abbrev: USM) in Philipsburg.
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