Unique Places To Take The Family Trip

Unique Places To Take The Family Trip

I often laugh at the old television shows in which families are always relaxing and talking. These days, a family trip is about the only time you can recreate the magic of television.

Unique Places To Take The Family Trip

When school lets out, it is time to think about that family trip. It doesn’t matter if you live in the north, south, east or west – your family needs to have some time away to relax, bond and have fun. Choosing your destination can be difficult at times, but by choosing a place that has many different activities for Mom, Dad, sister and brother, you can be sure to make everyone happy.

One great place for a family trip is Hershey, Pennsylvania. Home of Milton Hershey, founder of the Hershey’s chocolate company, this small town is a great family spot. The town of Hershey is right in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch country, and side trips to the Amish villages and farm stands can provide a learning experience for everyone in the group. Hershey’s Chocolate World, located right in the center of Hershey, is a free chocolate tour and factory experience that’s open year-round (closed Christmas day). This educational but really fun tour is great for all ages. After you are done, you can spend some time in the Hershey Marketplace Shops, the Hershey Cafés or even take a trolley ride through the streets of Hershey USA. For chocolate lovers, this is paradise.

Also in Hershey, Pennsylvania is Hershey Park, a theme park that has rides for kids of all ages! While you are in Hershey, you’ve got to have some place to stay. The Hershey resorts include the Hotel Hershey, an upscale resort that offers such delights as a spa that uses chocolate in their treatments! There is also the Hershey Lodge, a great family spot that includes plenty of pools, mini golf and other amenities to entertain your group.

Staying at the Hershey resort properties offer some benefits to families who are planning their trip around the Hershey experience – you can get discounts on Hershey Park tickets, and even purchase passes to head to the front of the line at all Hershey Park rides. For Mom and Dad, staying at the Hershey Lodge also offers complimentary admission to the Hershey Country Club’s golf courses and the Hershey Gardens. Put another way, we are talking about chocolate, theme parks, chocolate, spas, chocolate and golf. Sounds like a a trip everyone will enjoy!

When it’s time to take a family trip, you have many different spots to choose from. While you might think you are limited to states like California or Florida, there are actually many unique spots in all the fifty states. Pennsylvania offers a unique combination of chocolate, theme parks and Pennsylvania Dutch culture that can’t be found anywhere else in the United States.

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