What to do St. Maarten Island

What to do St. Maarten Island

Summary: Rent a car, dine on the French side, and take a beach excursion on the St. Maarten Island.

Boisterous Dutch festivities on the left and snazzy French culture on the right? It seems there are A LOT to do in Saint Martin. And the bad thing is: vacations just don’t take forever, a minute exploring the H.M.S. Proselyte at depths of 46ft, when you surface you have barely enough time to get dressed for the next activity downtown. So plan what to do, highlight those places you’d go and be sure to head over Ace Rent-a-Car at St. Maarten Island or Sarl Cruise Rent-a-Car also at St. Maarten Island. You need a vehicle to tour around the whole countryside of both nations French Saint-Martin and Dutch Sint Maarten.

Ace Rent-a-Car at St Maarten
Simpson Bay Road #25, St. Maarten 00000, Netherlands Antilles
Call Toll Free: 1-866-639-9062

Leaving the lodging accommodations up to you (hint: the two main towns of Marigot of French side and Philipsburg of the Dutch side), we take the itinerary for our excursion over the parallel shores of St-Martin and St Maarten. So here we start.

Destination 1: Beaches
The Caribbean if nothing else is known by its lovely beach, sun, and sand setting. It is an ultimate shame if you won’t include these immaculate beaches in the itinerary. Bring your children and the whole family for a whole day of summer fun in the tropics. See why hymns and songs have been sung for this honor.

I would recommend the Grand Case Beach Club over at Saint-Martin French West Indies. Turquoise waters, soft white sand, and a pleasing atmosphere await those who visit.

Grand Case Beach Club
Grand Case, 97150 Saint Martin, French West Indies
Call Toll Free: 1-800-344-3016

Destination 2: Scuba and Snorkeling
Saint Martin is a tropical garden over ground and underwater. For spectacular countryside view, take a road trip over the French Quarter, and you will see unspoiled lands. For underwater take a guided tour for the H.M.S. Proselyte over St. Maarten Island. The H.M.S. Proselyte at the depths of 46ft has blended so well with nature that it became a natural habitat of thousands of marine life. Just look at the poking moray eel and speculate if it isn’t pleasantness written allover his face.

Destination 3: French Cuisine
This is probably the only place where you can eat authentic French. So maximize your visit at the French West Indies by taking your meals over there as much as possible. Head up to Le Cottage or Bistrot Caraibes over at Grand Case, French quality wine plus a dish of Bavarois would be an excellent dining experience. Bon Appetit! A friendly reminder: never use “garcon” when calling a waiter; use “s’il vous plait”.

Le Cottage

Bistrot Caraibes
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