Like those from other countries, Aruba Chamber of Commerce is an authorized representative of the trade and industry aspects of the island. The institution of this responsibility was done on September 8, 1930.

How did the Aruba Chamber of Commerce come to be? The formation of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce was due to the petition filed by about thirty entrepreneurs for their need of an organization that would be able to represent their interests. The petition signed by the members was submitted to the Governor of Aruba on November 11, 1929. The Aruba Chamber of Commerce was then instituted less than a year after, and is driven by the following objectives:

* to represent, as well as to promote the interests of the business community in Aruba
* to provide the government with information, advice, and recommendation regarding any matter that concerns the business community
* to provide assistance, advice, and support to “new” entrepreneurs
* to provide services and information to the local and international communities that will help promote the business activities and economic development of Aruba
* to actively promote the island to potential investors

Daily activities of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce are supervised by its Board of Directors which consists of nine members. Five of the nine represent businesses with an invested capital of not less than Afl. 100,000. The other four members are those representing the smaller business sector. Residents of Aruba of Dutch nationality get to elect the board members, who, for them to be eligible, must have appeared for at least a year in the Commercial Register, either as owner, partner, director, or general proxy. Eligibility to be a member of the board of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce is restricted to those who are at least 25 years old, of Dutch nationality, and who have been residents of Aruba for at least two years. The members take seat for three years. Every year though, three members resign by rotation but are re-eligible right away. Any member may resign at any time, of which by-elections should then be held.

Everyday operations of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce are under the supervision of the Executive Director. The Board of Directors delegates the Executive Director to handle the implementation of the Chamber policies and its activities. Operation consists of these departments: the Registers, Business and Information and Support, the Secretariat and the Financial Administration which has fourteen full-time employees that includes the Executive Director.

It is a relief to the business community that Aruba Chamber of Commerce is out to look for their interests. After all, they gambled their money not only to make personal gains but to let the island profit from it as well.
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