Capital of Indonesia

Capital of Indonesia

Formerly called Sunda Kelapa, Batavia, and Jayakarta, the capital of Indonesia is the biggest city of the country and more popularly known today as Jakarta; it nestles on the shores of the northwest part of the island of Java, and covers an area of about six-hundred-sixty-one square kilometers with more than eight million inhabitants.

This capital of Indonesia prides in its colonial-style structures and newly restored “old quarters” which has preserved the British and colonial Dutch periods, providing that warm, old feeling of vibrant history in its midst. The one-hundred-forty-meter towers of the National Monument that soars high above Merdeka Square, crowned with pure gold plated “flame”, brings out an astonishing “spark”.

Gathering an excellent ethnological collection including pre-Hindu era statues can be found inside the Central Museum of Jakarta. Another attraction worth visiting in this capital of Indonesia is the Portuguese Church, which was completed in 1695 by the Dutch, and houses an immense and splendid Dutch pump organ. The city of Jakarta also takes pride in its Istiqlal Mosque found at the city’s center, and is one of the world’s largest mosques.

Travelers interested in doing a little shopping will find Jalan Surabaya a haven for antiques, as well as Karet where batik factories gather. All through the island, tourists can witness great performances of staged puppet shows that portrays the traditional wayang kulit and wayang golak marionettes act which are Indonesian stories based famous legends; these performances may sometimes last all through the night.

Being the political and economical capital of Indonesia, the city of Jakarta draws a lot of foreigners and domestic immigrants, resulting to the place having a diverse culture and cosmopolitan flavor. It is also the abode of a lot of universities providing education to the largest student number from different parts of Indonesia teaching everything like computer skills and Mandarin, as well as catering to students from primary school to high school levels.

This capital of Indonesia is served by Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, and offers several of the more convenient accommodations for tourists, with the abundance of hotels to suit every budget, as well as a vast selection of shopping malls, brothels and bars, and restaurants. Its public transport is also excellently-catered by Gambir railway station and busway (north to south) that runs along Thamrin Road, as well as plentiful and cheap taxis.

Jakarta is one of the most fascinating and exciting places to visit for travelers looking to visit Southeast Asia. Not to mention that Indonesia itself is the world’s biggest archipelagic nation.
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