The Curacao Flag

The Curacao Flag

Many people would wonder why they can’t find Curacao in the list of country. That is because Curacao is under Netherlands Antilles (an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands). Along with Bonaire and other three neighboring island in the north-eastern part of the Caribbean, Curacao belongs to the Netherlands Antilles. The Curacaos are Dutch nationals. Their flag is very much similar of the Dutch flag.

Even if Curacao is under Netherlands Antilles, Curacao has its own flag. The Curacao flag is blue in color and has two five-pointed stars, the smaller star is on the upper left of the other star. A yellow stripe cuts horizontally near the center. Have you ever wondered what’s the meaning of two stars and the single yellow stripe of the Curacao flag? The two white stars represent the two islands of Curacao; Curacao and small Curacao or also known as Klein Curacao (a small uninhabited island southeast of Curacao). The yellow stripe depicts the sun dividing the blue sky and blue sea (that’s why the color of the Curacao flag is blue). The five points of the star symbolizes the five continents of which the local population originated.

Curacao celebrates its “Curacao Flag Day” on July 2. It is one of the many “Official Holiday” that Curacao celebrates annually. It is celebration starts with and flag raising ceremony at the Village of Barber and at the Plaza Brion. The day is celebrated with parades, ceremonies and cultural events. Some events are held at Otrobanda.

There is also a historical Curacao flag that many experts believe is doubtful. It is said to be very much alike with the Dutch flag only it has a Coat of Arms in the center (which is not the official coat of arms of Curacao. The coat of arms that is used on this particular flag is a ship. More specifically it is a ship of the Netherlands West India Company. Experts say that this particular flag can’t be seen on any flag book, which makes is very doubtful.

You can obtain a Curacao flag on the internet. There are lots of variations of the Curacao flag. There’s the normal type that is rectangular. There are also lots of items that have an embedded Curacao flag in it. It just shows how patriotic the people of Curacao are.

The next time you see a person wearing a shirt with a Curacao flag, you’ll know where he/she’s from.
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