Crystal Cave Park

Crystal Cave Park

Crystal Cave Park is the most famous natural attraction in Pennsylvania. The magnificent underground natural wonder is located near Kutztown, and has been visited by millions of people since its discovery in 1871. Crystal Cave is so-called because of the sparkling display of unblemished calcium crystals that were slowly and exquisitely carved by nature through the ages. Centuries ago, drops of water surfaced from tiny cracks in the cave’s ceiling and ran down the wall leaving millions of glistening crystals. Striking flowstone formations happen when water that runs down the walls of the cave stretches out over the surface resulting in white flowstones that look like waterfalls.

The Crystal Cave Park offers educational underground tours which is a forty-five minute interpretative tour that includes an eight-minute video presentation in the Crystal Cave Theater, which narrates the theory of the cave formation and the wonders of nature. Polite and trained guides lead the tour through a range of impressive milky white stalagmites, stalactites, and pillar and dropstone formations enhanced by indirect light.

The tour includes viewing the marvels of stone sculpture such as The Giant’s Tooth, The Prairie Dogs, Tobacco Leaves, the Ear of Corn, the Natural Bridge, the Totem Pole, the Indian Head, and the Crystal Ballroom. Steel railings and concrete walks guarantee the safety of tourists through a descent one-hundred twenty five feet underground, with constant and comfortable temperature of fifty-four degrees. However, bringing along a light sweater or jacket and comfortable walking shoes is suggested.

There are other attractions at the Crystal Cave, all on the one-hundred twenty-five scenic acres of the park. The Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant are open every day in July and August, and during weekends in the months of June and September. The restaurant offers various fast food and Dutch specialties, as well as an array of ice cream cores, sundaes, and Dutch treats. Fast and courteous service plus indoor seating is available.

Visitors can also try their skills at the Crystal Cave Park’s miniature golf course, which was made utilizing historic relics for obstacles. The golf course is open seasonally and charges .00 per player. Various gemstones, fossils, or emeralds, can be found from the special bag of dirt for sale. Crystal cave new sluice and running water washes away the dirt to reveal a stunning assortment of gems or fossils for souvenir.

Tourist visiting Crystal Cave should not miss to visit the Unique Rock and Mineral Shop that features a large selection of bizarre specimens from around the world. The Crystal Cave Park is perfect for family adventure and fun, with a twist of educational touch on tours as well as a chance to experience one of nature’s underground wonder.
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