Jakarta, Indonesia (2)

´╗┐Jakarta, Indonesia

The capital city of the world’s largest archipelago, Jakarta on the island of Java in Indonesia is a city of diverse culture and rich heritage. Buddhism and Hinduism left great legacies on the islands including Jakarta, where you’ll find remnants of great civilizations that once stood ground on the islands.

Jakarta is a city of extremes, economically, socially, and culturally speaking. You’ll find a hive of homeless or squatting Indonesians within the city and Indonesia’s richest people likewise thrive here. The seat of government can also be found in Jakarta, as well as the nation’s best universities. The museums in Jakarta are particularly interesting to visit with their showcase of artifacts that date to as far as the Stone Age.

Places of Interest
The National Monument in Jakarta was built during the administration of Indonesia’s first president Soekarno. It is a reminder for everyone how the Indonesians at that time fiercely fought against the occupying Japanese and the Dutch colonizers to attain freedom. The National Monument is a marble obelisk 137 meters tall where the top is a 35-kg gold-coated flame. At the base of the monument are a historical museum and a meditation hall. Upon request, you’ll be allowed to be lifted to the top for a eye view of the city and the bay.

The Jaya Ancol Dreamland is the most popular and largest recreation park in Jakarta. Part of the Bay of Jakarta was reclaimed to make way for the park. It houses sea and freshwater aquariums, an array of nightclubs, a lagoon artificially made for boating, fishing, and bowling, restaurants, swimming pool, and parlors where you can have steam bath and Indonesian massage.

There are shows shown daily at the Aquarium where you can see sea lions and dolphins perform tricks. The Ancol Complex also has a Fantasy Land, Marina, a golf course, drive-in theater, and hotels. You can grab souvenir items for sale over at the Pasar Seni, an art market displaying paintings, handicrafts, and many more. Witness live performances using the vernacular shown at the Ancol open stage.

Cruise to other islands on yachts, sail or motor boats at The Marina Jaya Ancol, the departure port for Pulau Seribu and other islands strewn on the Bay of Jakarta. Water facilities like canoes, water cycles, sail boats, and fishing gears are provided. Snacks and refreshments are sold in stalls dotting the beach. Visitors may also rent tents located along the beach.

Founded in 1627, The Jakarta Museum was formerly the Dutch East Indies Company’s Town Hall. The building served as a barracks and office for the military when it was decided by the 1970 Jakarta City Administration to focus its restoration schemes for old Batavia. The museum displays the history of Jakarta through antique items and old maps, as well as other items used by the Dutch rulers in Batavia. You’ll be greeted by a 16th century Portuguese cannon at the cobblestone front yard.
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