What Country is St. Maarten in?

What Country is St. Maarten in?

The smallest island in the world, St. Maarten, is a tropical island situated in the Northeast Caribbean about two hundred forty kilometers east of Puerto Rico. What country is St. Maarten in? This thirty-eight squared island rests in between France and the Netherlands, and is shared by two independent governments, the French and the Dutch. The southern Dutch half of the island is a part of the Netherlands Antilles and is called Sint Maarten with Philipsburg as its capital and occupies seventeen square miles of the southern part. The northern half on the other hand, is called St. Martin, A French dependency, and part of the French overseas region and department of Guadeloupe with Marigot as the main town. These two territories are collectively called “St. Maarten” or “St. Martin” or “St. Martins” or simply “SXM” which is the identifier for the Princess Juliana International Airport.

So what country is St. Maarten in? Surprisingly, neither of the two halves of St. Maarten demands a separate territory code, they are most probably coded as GP for Guadeloupe and NA for Netherlands Antilles, St. Maarten is a part of both these countries where the dual nationality adds diversity to this most exceptional of island charms in the Caribbean Sea.

The French division of the island has a land area of about twenty square miles and a population of thirty-three thousand one hundred-two residents. The question of what country is St. Maarten in, is no longer an issue as for over three hundred fifty years, the two territories, Dutch St. Maarten and French St. Martin, has sustained a diplomatic coexistence and has taken pleasure in pleasant relations sharing the affluence for many years without dispute, the longest of any two bordering nations. On March 23rd 1648, the Treaty of Concordia was executed and has the sole distinction of being the oldest treaty still in effect today.

Dutch St. Maarten, as part of the Kingdom of Netherlands, has been both economically and politically stable which has made the territory a safe and nice place to do business, as well as establish roots and raise a family. In the year 2000, the population was estimated at about thirty-nine thousand consisting of seventy-seven different nationalities. The local languages are English and Dutch.

St. Maarten’s seaport and airport are excellent which makes the island a very eye-catching hub. The government is currently in the development of main road enhancement project including construction of new roads, implementation of roundabouts and traffic lights, and re-paving of existing roads.

St. Maarten also has a contemporary and up-to-par telecommunication system with three companies offering telephone and cellular phone services. Electricity and water produced at the island is distributed by Government controlled companies. This only goes to show that St. Maarten is generously and mutually shared by two great nations and the question on what country is St. Maarten in, can be answered with France and Netherlands.

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